We drove 4 hours to San Jose today to look for a place for a tea party. Lisa’s Tea Treasure was our first stop. It was decorated in a Victorian theme with floral and laces and the waitresses were all dressed in the black and white, classic Victorian dress. This is probably as close to a meido cafe as you can get nowadays in California since all the actually ones keep closing down.

We ordered My Lady’s Respite with the Peach-Strawberry tea. The tea was really lovely but the food was just so-so but I liked the ambience enough to overlook at the fact. It was only one order and we shared since we still had one more place to go and try the food and the tea but it was enough to fill both of us. And right when we thought we were full, they brought out the dessert plate and my jaw was on the floor. The staff were nice and friendly. All in all, I had a great time.

I’m at the second tea room right now and I’m actually less than impressed with everything about this place so Lisa’s Tea Treasures may just be the choice for us.

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    oh my god this was a burst of homesickness for me. my home town!!! i love lisa’s, my friend and i used to have lunch...
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