Anonymous asks: Hi! How do you make your gifs below 500kb while it's quality is still good? :0 I can't seem to lower mine down without wrecking it's colors...Thanks!

Yup~ That’s the most difficult part of it all.

Using HQ video source is very important. YT vids suck; they’re pixelated.

Cropping the gif and resizing it helps with the file size. 500px gifs are overrated and more than often it’d make you sacrifice the quality of the gif for the size.

Play around with level and curves. Fill black with BLACK and white with WHITE. There’s no set rule for this. Every gif is different so you gotta play around and see what’s best for the one you’re making. Be careful not to make the skin look too dark; I see so many korean idols turn brown/black/red because of bad coloring everyday.

Now, I stress this with every time I answer this kind of question: keep as many colors as possible on your gifs. Do not go lower than 128 colors. Always, always preview your gifs before you post.

Keep making it and keep on practicing and eventually you’ll get a hold of what to do to make it pretty ^_^

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